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By Mary Braithwaite

‘Dear little lamb prancing in meadows we think you’re a pet so sweet and so gentle. Dear little lamb so white and woven we want your leg to roast in our oven.’ The planet looks blue and green and scattered around like a beautiful embroidery are the lovely animals. Against the green fields are the white of sheep, the darker colours of horses [...]

Without Hope…
By Daniel Dunne

Andrew leaned back and rubbed his eyes. The images on his computer screen were still blurry When did I last sleep? He focused on the streaming news ticker on the bottom of his screen and grimaced. His Grandfather had taught him that it was important to keep up to date with current affairs and that it was important [...]
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Lost and found

New world, you ask? There is this place where no one is lonely, where we understand, we know more. It’s almost as we were lost and we have found the basics once again. It’s not that it was so bad living in a year 2008, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t. it was kinda cool. Here, in [...]
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The Companion Signal
By Thomas White

The Companion Signal 1 – escape Frost crept up the curved glass shielding like the very fingers of death, wrapping around everything I ever knew.Within, the specimen lay intact.My gloves scraped tiny flakes away, only to see her face fade quickly beneath the thick fog which had been filling the room.”Cryogenic transfer complete”, I read as the [...]
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