The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


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By Kristen McHugh

These are lives lived on display Out on limbs, ledges and high tension wires In between nothing and [...]
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2058 – Just another day
By Claire E Edgar

The sun is really streaming in my window today, I hate that! Especially as it’s a normal sun, doesn’t have any of that lovely purple haze around it, which is easier on my eyes. You know, I much prefer it when it’s hammering down, you know, when the rain is really beating against the window, almost tapping [...]
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No Time Like The Present
By Owen Davey

At what point do stairwells begin to smell of urine?  The sweetness of it reminds me of my mother and our trips to the shopping centre together when I was a child.  People couldn’t possibly undermine the fragrance of The Body Shop and its compatriots with the exhaust fumes of the multistory car park, and so had to pass through [...]
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Directions for a candlelighter
By Martin Reed

STEP ONE: Secure your location. Identify optimal charge position and direction of sun. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been doing this. Two, maybe three years. Long enough I could light the candles blindfold if I wanted. But I still keep the direction sheet beside me as I go. There’s something reassuring about it. Its [...]
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A Question Of Sport
By Mark Eastwood

On the day Mallick became the first Real-Life Person to be sued by his own Avatar, he awoke to discover an unfamiliar city beyond his window, and looming on the skyline, a giant projected-image of Sue Barker shaking with laughter. Still lost in the fug of sleep, it took him a few moments to realise his VistaVision must be on the [...]
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The Memory Clinic
By Rob Long

In writing the date, he felt like part of the past. 29th December.  Whatever year is written next is a dead man walking. He typed it anyway, because he had to: 2058. It is already next year, Jack thought. You don’t need to bother us any more. He shut his diary down, nearly dropping it [...]
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