The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


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By Kristen McHugh

These are lives lived on display Out on limbs, ledges and high tension wires In between nothing and [...]
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Noah’s Arc
By Porlock Ogilvie

It had been raining incessantly for years. Noone could remember anything else but huddling together to try to get warm. To try to get some comfort. Apart from that, there were the scraps of memories that were sewn together to create a story that would make sense of it all. Of it all? Of the rain. Of the [...]
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Visiting the Tate
By David Bausor

“Attention, Class of 2058!” Zhen, seated in the back row, watched the heads turn towards the sound of the teacher’s voice.  The teacher adjusted her brand-new regulation outfit again.  She had been trying to make it sit comfortably for most of the trip. “Soon we are visiting London’s famous Tate Modern Art Gallery.” An appreciative murmur rippled through [...]
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By Rob Dysaut

Fat drops of wet splash upon my naked eyes. This is because my head is tilted back as far as it can go. My throat exposed like a ready sacrifice: it’s not a comfortable sensation and an ache has coalesced in the base of my neck and is steadily creeping down my spine. Presumably this [...]
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By Peter Davidson

Forty-seven years since the Games, the remains of Parliament lie forlornly across the river. The shattered windows stare uncomprehendingly at the great London Eye now lying half-submerged in the Thames like some giant discarded bicycle wheel. It’s dusk, and London lies sullen before me. I breathe the smell of wood-smoke and coal and try and remember tourists, congestion and [...]
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Phase Cycle
By Salwa Azar

1. As dark-shod feet sloshed through the rain and flood-induced sludge on the pavement, moisture hung in the air from the fog off the river that lapped for now, peacefully against the concrete and flex-metal container built after the great war of 35 destroyed part of the bank. Laser turrets blinked expectantly in the mist, constantly [...]
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Three tubes
By Greg Crowhurst

Three tubes Any old paint will do for this muck. “Splash it on me hearties, with an old sock, in ultramarine !” said he look at me. Rope it,ride it, suck it, seize it. Suffer it . Beat it, slap it, whip it There. “Do you know … ?” Ah! Feel it , won’t you ! all over your hands, smell it, taste it on [...]
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Paint the Planet
By Robert Masters

I had a dream last night that i don’t quite understand. Usually when my head hits the pillow i dream about inconsequential circumstances that seem to evolve from ideas i have on a regular basis, such as misplaced objects, pressure causing panic, difficulties that i may one day face. Many would say that when you dream [...]
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