The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


Three tubes

By Greg Crowhurst

Three tubes

Any old paint will do for

this muck. “Splash it on me hearties, with an old sock, in ultramarine !” said he

look at me.

Rope it,ride it, suck it, seize it.

Suffer it .

Beat it, slap it, whip it


“Do you know … ?”


Feel it ,

won’t you !

all over your hands, smell

it, taste it on your lips , your blue


by now !!!

Oh , 2058

will you wait any longer ?

to lower your defences

“Come ….”

Get the light capture the

light be the light into the light from the light


see the shadows

Under the bushes

in the freezing cold.

out in the dawn

Quick !!

Find me some Naples Yellow,

And a tube of White

dear God.

the first daffodil !

Rave on;

they left him there,

the old rogue,

wearing a hat

a victim of his wrong


in a corner of a shopping


that nobody needs to leave.

Paintbrush in hand,

gasping for air.


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