The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


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By Sumit Dam

“Gonna do sleep,” voke Amrolite. Fucken AIbrid think he so fucking cool with he retrofleshy stylen. Like you don’t already know he dealin double-helix, not just some two-bit qubit. No, he gots to do the keepen it real with the vital sign and the bio stylen. Peripet throw Amrolite a wave with hir dendron afore ze drop in [...]
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By Anthony Scott

Since the Second Barrier had failed a month ago, the bodies washed up against the sandbags at every high tide, the flotsam of Tilbury and Gravesend. The Third and Fourth Barriers didn’t justify their names only channelling the run-off into Essex and Kent. As for the original, it might keep the occasional eel from squirming [...]
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158 Days
By Rachel Stevenson

158 days, that’s how long it’s been. 158 days, at least according to the Royal Meteorological Office and we have no reason to doubt them – their minute by minute 100% accurate weather predictions are appreciated by all. Today we’ll have rain, sleet, 90% humidity, cloud, hail and, at 18:17, a heat-storm. All of these [...]
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Snap-Shots of the Apocalypse
By Katy Wimhurst

Min despised the Tate Art and Refuge Centre. It contained little art and, in her opinion, more refuse than refuge. She’d been approached by pimps in the café there, had witnessed fist-fights over chocolate, and had once seen a small artwork used as a frisbee. But today, staring at the empty food cupboard in her [...]
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The Family
By Bruce Stirling

  The crush of bodies seeking shelter down in Turbine Hall drove me up to the roof for air. That’s when I saw her. Just after midnight, a girl no more than twelve emerged from the rain and stood before The Family, a bronze sculpture overlooking the Thames. Making sure she was unobserved, she climbed onto [...]
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By Neil Ayres

I am a Learner. My son has been killed. It was not a gentle, expected death. I should not speak, for I am a Learner. I have written my son’s mother a letter. The letter is like this: Your son has died. Your daughter is still alive. I have not Learned where, but I will try to find her. It is [...]
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