The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


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By Asma Hussain

He gazes out across the grey bridge to a greyer horizon. To the thick clouds, and the dust beyond them that filters out the sun. To the decaying trees, the lungs of London as they were once known. Everything streaked with black grit from the meteor-rain. Someone has hung a banner on the side of [...]
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Directions for a candlelighter
By Martin Reed

STEP ONE: Secure your location. Identify optimal charge position and direction of sun. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been doing this. Two, maybe three years. Long enough I could light the candles blindfold if I wanted. But I still keep the direction sheet beside me as I go. There’s something reassuring about it. Its [...]
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Not Quite The Nine O Clock News
By Joseph Gillett

While their rain-soaked clothes dried on the infrared mangle in the lounge of their 23rd floor North London flat, friends, Charles Cruttwell and Alex Blench, ate that very English of delicacies, Mermaid on toast, and looked out at the evening waterscape from the window of their Trellick Tower flat.  All, except the tip of The [...]
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