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The Best Laid Plans…
By Michelle Wilkinson

I’m running for my life. Moments ago, I was struggling through crowds. Now I’m running. I was haggling and bartering and grappling over food. Now I clutch it close to my chest as I stumble and squelch through the muddy tunnels. In the grim light, families huddle together, making themselves invisible. They’re getting closer. It was my own fault [...]
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The morning with James
By Christian Kerrigan

James moans a lot but even when you hear him grunt you know he’s got another idea that will change his mind. He is a clever hairy boy. It’s the type of hair that makes his shirt seems to have a cushion of air underneath. You can’t often see it but it creeps to the edge of his collar [...]
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By Karen

I meet Henk off the plane. We’ve been speaking by email but I’m disappointed to meet him in person. He’s he’s older than I hoped. He won’t make a good photograph, too plain. I was hoping for khaki shorts and a hat of some kind, but he’s in jeans. “A bit wet out there today I’m afraid.” he says. [...]
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In the Order of Lived Time
By Steve Finbow

1835: If I cannot comprehend my own existence, how can I understand the workings of the universe? From this rock on the cliffs of Gilleleje, I look out onto the sea, watch its surface shift, change, the sun speckle the cresting waves while all below is unknown. 1943: Sound of my own breathing. The townspeople know [...]
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The Last Ship
By Sue McHugh

The term fugue originates in the 16th Century. It is a fusion of both fugere (‘to flee’) and fugare, (‘to chase’). The Last Ship. ‘Not left behind.’ Vela rejoiced as the rain hit her face. Cradled in her basket of ropes she swung beneath the pulpit of The Fugue, the last ship leaving the city. [...]
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The dealer’s daughter
By Amy Gould

Ella is my best hatch. I plait her white blonde hair in junior assembly, and morning break she whispers in my ear. I love her best for her PowerGirl play castle and her pink fluffy Google pen. And when she says ‘I love you, bee’, and I reply,‘I love you bee hatch.’ Ella’s also my girlfriend, [...]
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Popular Politics
By Oliver O'Sullivan

Eachvigorous line of his election rally home-coming speech was punctuated by vocal chord-straining screams and red-palmed applause. People had traveled far and wide to see him tall above his pulpit, to see his engine room eyes and pianist’s hands playing the air as if puppeteered by ethereal strings. The mantra of his chanted name swirled into [...]
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By Rob Dysaut

Fat drops of wet splash upon my naked eyes. This is because my head is tilted back as far as it can go. My throat exposed like a ready sacrifice: it’s not a comfortable sensation and an ache has coalesced in the base of my neck and is steadily creeping down my spine. Presumably this [...]
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Musings of a Stargazer
By Fiona MacDonald

Ink’s favourite hobby is stargazing.  She sits at her telescope night after night and stares up at the stars and the planets, and at the lights that flitter between them, moments of sparkling intensity where people live their lives and await that moment of arrival when they can finally see their dreams coalesce into reality.   They’re all up there, [...]
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Bios Online
By Arri Kafoor

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Without Hope…
By Daniel Dunne

Andrew leaned back and rubbed his eyes. The images on his computer screen were still blurry When did I last sleep? He focused on the streaming news ticker on the bottom of his screen and grimaced. His Grandfather had taught him that it was important to keep up to date with current affairs and that it was important [...]
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Shit New World
By Martin Hayes

Is this it? Seriously? Robot butlers and hover-cars and weekend trips to the moon and as much other pointless bollocks as you care to mention. I mean, it’s 2058 for Christ’s sake. This isn’t what our grandfathers were promised. Where’s the sex-bots? Where’s the fun? I’m still waiting for the doors of perception to [...]
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A bunny in Tuscany
By Lizz K. H.

The future. Where did I see myself in the future? Will I still be behind the same desk in the input office? Click. I like the sound my acrylic nails make when I’m typing. The other girls in the office prefer to mod their desktops to a voice recognition format but the satisfaction of hearing the smash [...]
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Resurrecting the Drowned
By Johann Carlisle

As she walked along the narrow bridge, her sodden hair hanging in wiry knots around her neck, she became aware with a faint irritation behind her eyes that a handful of consoles across the metropolis were already tuning into Medusa’s widecast channel. She blinked, trying to hold it down; a peak-time ratings spike could lead to [...]
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Port-forwarding the library
By Sam Pablo Kuper

“But I Googled everything!” Lena cried. “Google doesn’t know everything, though,” said Tom. “It doesn’t know what you had for breakfast this morning, for instance.” “If we had a holobot, it would!” retorted Lena. “It could watch me eat, semrec me doing it, upload that to Google and then everyone in my filter would be able to [...]
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