The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


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Raj’s Dharma
By Ani Falconer

The year was 2058 and the world was ruled, in the powerful junctions and intersections, by intuition. Rajesh was one of the survivors, which mistakenly makes it sound like a catastrophe had happened. Yet transformation hadn’t been a catastrophe at all – sometimes land needs to be burnt away by bushfires to create new growth – but as the [...]
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Visiting the Tate
By David Bausor

“Attention, Class of 2058!” Zhen, seated in the back row, watched the heads turn towards the sound of the teacher’s voice.  The teacher adjusted her brand-new regulation outfit again.  She had been trying to make it sit comfortably for most of the trip. “Soon we are visiting London’s famous Tate Modern Art Gallery.” An appreciative murmur rippled through [...]
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The dealer’s daughter
By Amy Gould

Ella is my best hatch. I plait her white blonde hair in junior assembly, and morning break she whispers in my ear. I love her best for her PowerGirl play castle and her pink fluffy Google pen. And when she says ‘I love you, bee’, and I reply,‘I love you bee hatch.’ Ella’s also my girlfriend, [...]
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By Nigel Cox

  As Apollo bent over and prepared for his punishment he glanced up at the orang utangs perched on the London eye and the Dolphins bounding  playfully down the river in the warm November sunshine. The huge clock said London 2058 November 22  11 am, temperature 26 degrees centigrade.  Apollo didnt believe it – any of it.The first [...]
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