The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


Entries for December 2008

The Disarmed Man
By Neil Dangerfield

James Eccarus gazed out across the ice-strewn river towards Southwark bridge.  As he pulled his scarf from his throat, the cold winter sun stung the back of his neck.  He rewrapped the scarf, more tightly this time.  He lent forward, resting his elbows on the walkway’s handrail.  He clutched the book in his hands to his chest, scared that it [...]
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Lost and found

New world, you ask? There is this place where no one is lonely, where we understand, we know more. It’s almost as we were lost and we have found the basics once again. It’s not that it was so bad living in a year 2008, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t. it was kinda cool. Here, in [...]
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By Evan Scott Bryson

He quit chain-smoking at the same time he broke up with his girlfriend. He never mentioned either again and this action seemed the perfect extension of his coming out; cigarettes drew the lights of a peculiar class of men, themselves living by this sign, all decipherers of a reduced Morse code. The girlfriend, obfuscated by [...]
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From the past to the future; from today to the future.
By María Belén Ballesta

A man in the year 2058 wonders what the word “art” means. Nobody would answer him properly but drastically: “How can you ask such a thing? Don´t you know? Art is everything now!” He is tired of it. Everybody considers anything a piece of art. But he trusts his hart that art is not anything. Someone [...]
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By Martin Richmond

In the fading light of the Aurora Borealis above Quinn’s head a single sea bird circled. Quinn took aim, clumsily adjusting the telescopic sight of his pulse rifle as he was reluctant to remove his thick gloves. The ice began to form on his goggles as he struggled to keep the bird in sight and [...]

By Aliya Whiteley

I like the cold smooth metal of the doors. The doors are everywhere; the ones ahead open only after the ones behind have shut. Twenty at a time we travel through London, through the tubes without windows. Sometimes people try to push ahead, and when that happens the frustration is a knot in the centre of each [...]
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A Sci-Fi Autobiography
By mark andrew williams

I am 88 years old now. I really never thought that I would live this long. In 2008 I was 38, redundant, unemployed at the crest of the new recession. Cigarettes, alcohol and a general disdain for the gym meant that whilst I was not over weight, I was not particularly healthy. I enjoyed mountain biking and rock climbing [...]
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Port-forwarding the library
By Sam Pablo Kuper

“But I Googled everything!” Lena cried. “Google doesn’t know everything, though,” said Tom. “It doesn’t know what you had for breakfast this morning, for instance.” “If we had a holobot, it would!” retorted Lena. “It could watch me eat, semrec me doing it, upload that to Google and then everyone in my filter would be able to [...]
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By Neil Ayres

I am a Learner. My son has been killed. It was not a gentle, expected death. I should not speak, for I am a Learner. I have written my son’s mother a letter. The letter is like this: Your son has died. Your daughter is still alive. I have not Learned where, but I will try to find her. It is [...]
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So They Must Return
By Jenni Fagan

The pods are ripe. Elk dips a metal bar with a round red plastic barstool seat roughly taped on, into the water and pulls back.Each time he does this he holds his breath and relaxes into the glide of the tiny wooden canoe.  When Elk closes his eyes and lets go, the glide feels similar to [...]
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The Companion Signal
By Thomas White

The Companion Signal 1 – escape Frost crept up the curved glass shielding like the very fingers of death, wrapping around everything I ever knew.Within, the specimen lay intact.My gloves scraped tiny flakes away, only to see her face fade quickly beneath the thick fog which had been filling the room.”Cryogenic transfer complete”, I read as the [...]
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Artwork 2058: Probability Cloud
By Jeff Noon

O1 AUDIO GUIDE Gallery 27 contains a single artefact known as <Mirror Tomb>. Blank exercise books decorate a large mound of earth, which supports a central slate structure. Silver mist hovers around the work. Visibility is near zero, with a random ten-second burst of intense brightness occurring once a year. The viewer’s face may then be [...]
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