The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


Lost and found


New world, you ask?

There is this place where no one is lonely, where we understand, we know more. It’s almost as we were lost and we have found the basics once again. It’s not that it was so bad living in a year 2008, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t. it was kinda cool.

Here, in Europe everything was possible, the world was there for you. The stories, the art, the music, drugs, the magic. But somehow that was too much to digest. And not enough to fulfill your every day life. The soul was lost, not mine so much, but the lost of the humanity.

So here I’m in the year 2058. Grey hair and bad memories. ex-boyfriends so old they don’t even remember who I was.

Wrinkles I don’t really care and few pounds I really do care about.

Somehow I don’t miss those past years too much.

There was no hope it the past (there was a hope in 90′ but that’s as far as it goes). There is this new/old (ancient?) sort of hope in this new world.

Maybe I eat some french fries that are GM every day (and they don’t even smell like a proper food) but still this world is more equal again. And I like it more this way.
We somehow managed to change the world, or rather re-set it to how it supposed to be. I like it more this way. I like it simple. And fresh. 2058 may be full of new gadgets, it’s all about buying on-line and it’s all about future, never about the past (maybe there is not that much we can learn from the past?). But there is something good about it, we somehow managed to change the world so it suits every one better. We all vote now, no because we have to but because we want to as we trust the Policitians (admin people?) now! Surprise, surprise. And we are free again. Do you remember 2008? Do you remember the big bang (read: credit crunch)? I do. That was it. It took us long enough to get back on track but here we are. We back to the future. I wear my organic cotton, eat my healthy and safe GM food and I’m happy, and free. Almost as it was in 2008? you may think, but trust me it’s very different. It’s guaranteed. So you don’t have to worry about anything. I’m happy and so is the rest of the world. My friends used to call me an optimist (read: crazy person). As if that was something really bad.

Nowadays I’m just an average cheerful citizen. I like it more this way. Wake up and smell the coffee my friend used to say.
As if it was too late to change anything in my life. And you know what? It wasn’t!
This new 2058 is a slow year, slow fashion, you enjoy every minute of your life. Reason being? There is this balance, the harmony (lost somewhere in translation, but found once again). Wherever I go people are still so different but there are no 3rd world countries. No socialism, no Communism, no unions, and no need for them. The so called government knows what they do, they  qualified to get the Job done. Can you believe? They actually know what they are doing! If you want to be a politician
you have to pass an exam nowadays! How great is that! I don’t get why it took us so long to figure out how to run a country? We don’t have two or three etc major countries that rule the world. We all decide! you want to know how’s that possible? simple, we all get to win if we discuss stuff, if we share not only profits but problems as well. Africa is giving us the best holiday location ever, Americas the best cotton ever, Europe a bit of a culture. No that’s not naive, it just can’t be any different. In 2008 we were so close to this global disaster this was the only solution… do you remember? global warming?

Well, not such an issue now, you know. One country cuts down on CO2 emission, we cut down on spending on clothes so we don’t have kids working in all those factories in China, we actually start to care about each other. How weird is that?

There is no religion here, no false gods. Ah, there is no TV, and that was actually a huge change for all of us.

You just buy your morning paper and.. read (ok, ok there is always internet)! by the way libraries are back in 2058! or rather books are back, you wouldn’t believe but we start to read again. There was this study few years back and it appears our brains are getting smaller and smaller every year so someone (some doctor, the last mathematician on the planet, I think) figured how to ‘cure’ the brain. It has been known that the human brain contained roughly 100 billion neurons, linked with up to 10,000 synaptic connections each but… that was in the beginning of the XXI. Now, if you lucky & make you brain work really hard you may have as much as half of it! So, there was this big social campaign in 2050 ‘feed your brain’ and now you have your 5 a day pages you must read (at least 5 they say, but the more the better for ya). So, is the 2058 very different? well it’s and it isn’t. We still speak as many languages as we used to. I think it’s just more interesting this way. On political side there are no wars, so you can say we have learned something important. In arts classics are back, so Banksy is ‘very this year’. In music? there is some new stuff you can inject yourself with, it’s like this weird chip sort of thing and you whole body will vibe with music, so that’s cool. Well, food is crap, I have to admit, and I really miss good old full  English (apparently not that good for ya). That’s about it. Here you have this very different/very same planet saved and finally safe. Enjoy. Looking forward to talk to you soon. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that? We can time travel! but you know that already, don’t ya?

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