The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


From the past to the future; from today to the future.

By María Belén Ballesta

A man in the year 2058 wonders what the word “art” means. Nobody would answer him properly but drastically: “How can you ask such a thing? Don´t you know? Art is everything now!” He is tired of it. Everybody considers anything a piece of art. But he trusts his hart that art is not anything. Someone in the past can tell him (and he does believe it) what real art is. Now he is staring at a piece of blank toilet paper which lies on the floor of the museum. It is ridiculous, it must be something else.

Suddenly from one of the walls, a woman comes out and takes his hand. He is horrified and asks her what she wants… She is from the past and shows him a bald man, painting. He loves  creating images and with them, sensations. This bald man is quite marvellous! He keeps painting with a rusty brush, his fingers and single hairs tied with a tiny string.

And now back to the entrance of the museum, the man from 2058 has a deep feeling that art is changing, this word stands for something else than everything… And now, now he will tell the world what is it about and he won´t let it go.


5 Responses to “From the past to the future; from today to the future.”
  1. anna zenonos Says:

    I liked it but is kinda brief.

  2. Mati Says:

    I really like it…doesn’t need to be longer

  3. Jo Says:

    love your story, simple and beautiful…

  4. Greg Crowhurst Says:

    This story seems to hang in space like an extraordinarily poignant painting. Powerful ; just exquisite.

  5. Matías Scilabra Says:

    Voy a escribir en español!! Chan!!
    Mi english se deterioró bastanto con el deshuso…
    La historia me la tradujo Belén al castellano, sino jamás la hubiese entendido.
    Arte, arte, arte!!!