The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058



By Mary Braithwaite

‘Dear little lamb
prancing in meadows
we think you’re a pet
so sweet and so gentle.

Dear little lamb
so white and woven
we want your leg
to roast in our oven.’

The planet looks blue and green and scattered around like a beautiful embroidery are the lovely animals. Against the green fields are the white of sheep, the darker colours of horses and the patchy cows.
Then in Africa the wild ones, weaving across the prairies like an embroiderers ‘running stitch’, threading in and out of the trees and around the water pools. Hiding in the jungle, many other ones.  For we have learned by then to care for these beautiful gifts to us, not to torture and kill them. The horse to ride or work for us,  the sheep to give us wool, the cow for milk.  Those that are unproductive we phase out or use their manure for agriculture.
We have reduced the population of people and introduced soya and quorn for staple food along with natures fruit and vegetables.
We have learned that to the animals, we are God, because we can kill or ill-treat them or show them mercy.
We have chosen to be kind.
The knives to kill them have been changed for ploughs to till the land for the fruits and vegetables.

‘We think we are kind
we superior humans
how can we be
to put life in our ovens?

The blood from
their slaughter
has run like deep rivers
is THIS the meaning of lufe
to be kind to the creatures?’

Earth by 2058 will be better, maintaining the beautiful creatures that enhance our countries, that stud the countryside in texture and colours and birds that soar against the sky in patterns.

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