The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


Entries for February 2009

Visiting the Tate
By David Bausor

“Attention, Class of 2058!” Zhen, seated in the back row, watched the heads turn towards the sound of the teacher’s voice.  The teacher adjusted her brand-new regulation outfit again.  She had been trying to make it sit comfortably for most of the trip. “Soon we are visiting London’s famous Tate Modern Art Gallery.” An appreciative murmur rippled through [...]
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Londinium Requiem
By Jacqueline Danziger-Russell

The snow fell But who was there to say Anything about it; anything at all A rook cackled, inspected the ground, hoping The snow fell softly on Bone Hill And all was quiet; silent No one there to tell O, Jerusalem Your green and pleasant land now gone Covered by stone Relegated to dark, green garden corners Covered by mud and a drift of white All that [...]
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Walking in Times Square
By Benjamin Wolf Telushkin

Quickness is a normality. He did not feel that way in the drunken state he was in. The few people on the street looked unreal yet familiar. Time Square was populated by people who took in an interest in the actual “closeness” of something. As if that were vital to ones perspective. He, however, was only [...]
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Seed Culture
By Matt Trainer

I looked out through the smeared windows of the Bexley charging station on the A2, waiting for my car to chime. Less than an hour from Victoria and the battery had packed in again. More than ninety consecutive days of rain – the most since records began, the screens were saying – had left the landscape [...]
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By Anisa Sarah Hawes

(fragment) I dreamt of a Catherine-wheel inside an aeroplane. I could see it in the sky, in the arc of open (above the tracks and the footbridge) from where I was sitting on the platform at the station. I watched the kite-tails, ribbons, flicking and curling and spinning around the planes’ round body in screams [...]
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A Valentine At Waterloo Is Worth Two Dutchmen In The French
By Salena Godden

Directly I came into The French House I could see the poor sod had been sitting there crying about it. I had to keep my head and if I ran straight over he might’ve started blubbing all over again, so I nodded over to him and stood at the bar and ordered a bottle of black [...]
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The Tropics
By Max Pemble

The water is warm.  I close my eyes and I imagine the tropics.  The tropics in springtime, when the ocean is filled with the sounds of the young: exploring, learning, feeding and growing.  The sunlight drifts through and it warms and massages my skin.  When I go up to take a breath the air tastes sweet [...]
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By Stuart Peel

“Peter…”, Michael tried to sound helpful, “What !”, Peter turned round slowly, and glared down the ladder, “Erm…”, Michael arranged his features sympathetically and remembered yesterday’s tantrum, “…well I think that maybe…”, he paused as his courage deserted him, “What !!”, Peter narrowed his eyes and took a step back down the ladder, “It’s just a tad…”, he put his [...]
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