• Wondermind – curriculum links – KS3

    By Sharna Jackson -

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Wondermind supports Art and Design and Science curricula at KS3.

Art and Design

Key concepts

1.1 Creativity

b. Exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials, tools and techniques.
c. Taking risks and learning from mistakes.

1.2 Competence

a. Investigating, analysing, designing, making, reflecting and evaluating effectively.

1.3 Cultural understanding

a. Engaging with a range of images and artefacts from different contexts, recognising the varied characteristics of different cultures and using them to inform their creating and making.

1.4 Critical understanding

a. Exploring visual, tactile and other sensory qualities of their own and others’ work.
b. Engaging with ideas, images and artefacts, and identifying how values and meanings are conveyed.


Key concepts

1.1 Scientific thinking

a. using scientific ideas and models to explain phenomena and developing them creatively to generate and test theories

1.2 Applications and implications of science

b. examining the ethical and moral implications of using and applying science.

1.3 Cultural understanding

a. recognising that modern science has its roots in many different societies and cultures, and draws on a variety of valid approaches to scientific practice.

Range and content

3.3 Organisms, behaviour and health

a. life processes are supported by the organisation of cells into tissues, organs and body systems
b. the human reproductive cycle includes adolescence, fertilisation and foetal development
c. conception, growth, development, behaviour and health can be affected by diet, drugs and disease
d. all living things show variation, can be classified and are interdependent, interacting with each other and their environment
e. behaviour is influenced by internal and external factors and can be investigated and measured.

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