• What’s the difference between science and art?

    By Sai Pathmanathan -

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Is there a difference? I personally don’t think so.

Whilst we split these subjects out at school, in the wider world of work the arts and sciences come together. Like really close. Amazing new technologies and inventions solving age-old problems have come about purely through the ingenious minds of artists and scientists working together. In other words, those people who think creatively. Without creativity and creative people, there would be no art or science…

I work on something called The Ignition* programme, where young people in the UK take part in all kinds of projects which really mix up art and science. It’s showed us just how creative the sciences (science, technology, engineering and maths) are; and just how scientific the arts (filmmaking, theatre design, dance etc.) are.

Look at Garaicoa’s model of an old-fashioned cinema for an example of a beautiful, intricate artwork which needed engineering knowledge behind the scenes:

Carlos Garaicoa, 'Letter to the Censors,' 2003

  • Letter to the Censors, 2003
  • Carlos Garaicoa
  • © Carlos Garaicoa Manso

Across the country people are enjoying science and art in museums, reading art-science magazines, and doing really crazy things like knitting neurons and making jewellery (or even pizzas!) inspired by molecules and cells.

So science AND art can be found everywhere, and are not very different at all… Think about Leonardo da Vinci (that’s him on the left).

ouvre ('Leonardo Da Vinci' 'Albert Evans'), Braco Dimitrijevic, 1975-82

  • Louvre (‘Leonardo da Vinci’ ‘Albert Evans’), 1975-82
  • Braco Dimitrijevic
  • © Braco Dimitrijevic

He was one clever bloke. An artist AND a scientist. Not a bad career choice, huh? He was all about creativity, invention and imagination. Wanting to know, learn and discover – and it didn’t matter what subject it was that got him there!




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