Ceramic Skull, 1973 Paul Neagu © The estate of Paul Neagu Paul Neagu is interested in how people and things connect. He thought a lot about how things can be separate from one another but still connected at the same time – like the areas in the adult brain that deal with different functions. He was interested in these kinds of connections from the smallest, molecular level to the universal. He often constructed his works in a cellular form, meaning … Continue reading this article

In Wonderland, Alice keeps changing her size to do things. In a way, your brain is doing the same thing. You brain is actually changing its structure because of what you do and learn. You have 100 billion neurons in your brain. They are in charge of everything you do, feel and think. The neurons connect to each other, sending messages all the time, whether you’re awake or asleep. As you grow up, your brain puts in new connections between … Continue reading this article