Star/Steer, 1966 Ian Hamilton Finlay © The estate of Ian Hamilton Finlay Poet and artist Ian Hamilton Finlay experimented with the physical possibilities of language – its shape, texture, colour and the way it’s laid out on the page – as well recognising the power of language to shape our the way we see the world. In 1967 he published his first book of concrete poetry (poetry in which the layout and typography of the words contributes to its overall … Continue reading this article

“It seems to fill my head with ideas only I don’t exactly know what they are!” Hey, I wonder if you’ve had that feeling that you were looking at something wonderful, strange, amazing – bizarre – but you didn’t really understand it? Well here in Tate’s galleries, that can happen. And Alice has that feeling from the moment she falls down the rabbit hole in Wonderland. And then again when she goes through the looking glass into a world where … Continue reading this article