Secrets of Life – The Human Machine and How it Works: Perception through Impression, 1970 Sir Eduardo Paolizzi © The Estate of Eduardo Paolozzi Eduardo Paolozzi often shows images of the human head in his work. His heads are often presented fractured or made up of images of other things – creating a sense of the inner workings of the mind. This work is part of a series called Conditional Probability Machine, in which he explores brain function and the … Continue reading this article

What Alice travels through Wonderland, the other characters often ask her to remember things, like poems that she memorised at school. Riding your bike uses something called implicit memory. You don’t really know you’re thinking about it at all – you just do it! Memories like this are usually about how to do things. Explicit memory is a type of obvious memory – you know that you’re trying to remember something. They’re usually about knowing what you did or learned … Continue reading this article