Wondermind supports Art and Design, Science and ICT curricula at KS2. Art and Design Knowledge, skills and understanding Evaluating and developing work 3. Pupils should be taught to: a. compare ideas, methods and approaches in their own and others’ work and say what they think and feel about them b. adapt their work according to their views and describe how they might develop it further. Knowledge and understanding 4. Pupils should be taught about: a. visual and tactile elements, including … Continue reading this article

Wondermind supports Art and Design and Science curricula at KS3. Art and Design Key concepts 1.1 Creativity b. Exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials, tools and techniques. c. Taking risks and learning from mistakes. 1.2 Competence a. Investigating, analysing, designing, making, reflecting and evaluating effectively. 1.3 Cultural understanding a. Engaging with a range of images and artefacts from different contexts, recognising the varied characteristics of different cultures and using them to inform their creating and making. 1.4 Critical understanding a. … Continue reading this article

We went to Hope Primary, St Aloysius Catholic Primary and Westvale Primary schools in Knowsley, near Liverpool. The children we met had fun playing visual perception games, talking about wonder and imagination, and they drew pictures of themselves without looking. They covered their paper and hands with their jumpers, and the results were amazing. You could try this at home and in the classroom! Classroom & Gallery Resources Artist educator Antony Hall has created these resources that include the fantastic … Continue reading this article