• I wonder what inspires Annelies Štrba?

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We went to Hope Primary, St Aloysius Catholic Primary and Westvale Primary schools in Knowsley and Liverpool to find out what children like you thought about some of the artists in the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Here are Annelies Štrba’s answers to the children’s questions.

What is your inspiration for taking photographs?
My inspirations are memories, dreams, stories, my fantasy and also my daughters and granddaughter, who are my most often motivs. I would like to express something with my pictures, what you cannot say with words. Things which you can only feel and then see (or the other way around).

How do you make illusions?
This is a beautiful question but very difficult to answer. I think I do not make illusions. Illusions happen when the viewer is open to seeing them. The different visual pictures in my photographs create illusions, but the illusions only become alive when you are open to go inside the motives in your mind.

How do you set the scene?
I am not really thinking or caring about the scene setting. I use what is already there – nature, interiors of rooms. I wait for environments, which do something with me inside and they are then the places, which I choose for taking pictures.

  • Nyima 405, 2009
  • Annelies Štrba
  • Courtesy of the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

I wonder why the girl is lying down. Why is she?     
I would like the viewer to get active in front of the pictures. When the girl lies down you can go into the figure in your mind, into her dreams, and from there something wonderful will come back from the figure to you. Therefore the picture, the lying girls and you must be very calm for this. You must be concentrated and very open at the same time.

Annalies Strba, 'Nyima 438' , 2009

  • Nyima 438, 2009
  • Annelies Štrba
  • Courtesy of the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

When you make your work how do you make it look like real life?     
I do not know how I make it! But I am working on the pictures until they look real for me.

Why do you take photos and make videos instead of drawing or painting?  
I am not a painter and not a drawer! Taking pictures with my cameras, still or moving pictures, is the most natural act for me. After I took them I turn them in to paintings. I am a new painter – without oil colour but with digital colour.

  • Nyima 445, 2009
  • Annelies Štrba
  • Courtesy of the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

Can you draw any of your photographs?
No I don’t draw! It is important for me that the moment when I took the picture was real! When I would re-draw them with a pencil or so they would loose their magic for me. They are real as photographs. The word “Photo-graphy” means “drawing with light”. That is what I do: I draw with light.

If you visit the exhibition, we’d love to hear what you think about Annelies Štrba’s artworks. Let us know in the comments!

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