• The wonder of looking at art

    By Abigail Christenson -

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The wonder of looking at art

When something catches your attention, you might become delighted or perhaps puzzled. You might stop to think about what you see because it stands out. Perhaps what you see is unfamiliar to you, and you begin to wonder. When you look at a work of art you have never seen before, you might wonder about what you are seeing and experiencing.

We wanted to know what children like you thought about some of the art works in the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Here are all the different questions they were inspired to ask the artists…

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  2. I like art that is colourful and eyecatching because I find it more interesting when artworks standout.

    Junior - November 20, 2011

  3. I like looking at art because most of the time it is unique and different to normal objects that you see in every day life.

    Eve - November 23, 2011

  4. Maybe people make art so that other people wonder about the world.

    S.H. - December 9, 2011

  5. Art is something from your imagination or something in front or near you that is transformed onto a piece of material.

    e.c.m - December 21, 2011

  6. Looking at Art and pictures seems to be a bit like magic. It tricks the mind sometimes. It makes you see different things inside your head.

    Holly - February 3, 2012

  7. When I look at Art I sometimes see more than one thing. I saw a zebra picture on the internet, but when I looked closer it was made of black & white letters. Amazing!

    Brooke - February 3, 2012

  8. maybe art is where science and religion meet (like wonder), but without the definitions or labels – it’s mysterious, the best art is (undefinable)

    anonymous - July 25, 2012