• How many languages can you speak?

    By Hannah Flynn -

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We want to find out a little bit about you. Can you spot all of the Curious posts and answer them all?

We want to know how many languages you can speak right now. Specifically, how many do you speak fluently – do you speak, read and write more than English? Maybe you have a parent from another country so you speak a different language at home?

Tell us your answer in the poll below, and let us know more in the comments!



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How many languages can you speak fluently?

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  1. It is fun learning new languages, like a code you are learning to say things different ways. In school we are trying a different language each year, my favourite so far is French.

    Gilania - December 3, 2011

  2. iknow 3 language

    nargol - March 5, 2012

  3. I speak 3 languages fluently because my mum is German, my Dad is Dutch and I was born here in London.

    Lia - November 8, 2012