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    By Dean Jackson -

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I was inspired to re-create the wonderful Wondermind illustration as a collage made up of the artwork in Tate’s collection. I had quite the challenge on my hands to find the right balance between capturing the likeness of the wonder-brain whilst making the gallery pieces visible.

I began by sketching out the brain and working on each section individually.
The Wondermind illustrator did a tremendous job in capturing the rich and bold environments that comprised Alice’s Wonderland, and I really wanted to bring that vibrancy to my collage. After carefully choosing pieces of artwork I was left feeling slightly underwhelmed, as they looked a bit muted and subdued in tone compared to the lively colours that I wanted to use.

So I decided to put a wash over every section of the collage. I lowered the transparency of the assorted images and simply dropped my preferred colours on top using an art program on my computer.

This did make my collage look more like the original Wondermind illustration but I felt like I had maybe changed the artworks too much; I really wanted people to be able to tell that they were from Tate. This stage was pivotal in the process of making this collage. I looked again at the pieces I had chosen, changed my mind, and decided to position the art differently. Instead of choosing two to three pieces per section I was using ten to twelve. This made the collage look more like an environment then an illustration; completely bursting at the seams with Tate’s artwork.

In the end, I didn’t quite get the colours that were in the original wonder-brain illustration but sometimes the art you’re making can change a lot while you’re making it. Now my collage has an entirely new identity of its own. It looks more like a hand-made collage, and is a wonderful mixture of art and the brain!

We would love to see any artwork, stories, photographs, sketches, ASCII art or music that has been inspired by Wondermind. Put them in the comments and we’ll share them on the site!

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  1. Lovely! I love making collages!

    Hannah - October 11, 2012