• Does text messaging make us bad at spelling?

    By Nicola Pitchford -

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Txtspk baffles me. When my students text me “C U L8R” it takes me a while to figure out what they mean. But that’s because I was not brought up with mobile phones and SMS – yes I really am that old!

Most young people today use textisms with ease. They make up new abbreviations that refer to particular words or phrases, often in a playful way. Try ROFL – do you know what that means? It made me laugh when I was told.

As textisms do not obey spelling or grammatical rules many parents and teachers are worried that texting could have a bad effect on language skills. Recently, scientists have started to investigate the effect that texting has on literacy skills. Results are showing that texting is related to good reading skills and school achievement in English in pre-teens, especially textisms where the speech sounds are shortened, as in 2nite and l8r. We have known for many years now that awareness of sounds in words is related to reading skills.

So come on mums, dads, and teachers, if texting, blogging and e-mailing gets kids reading and writing more than we did, is it really such a bad thing?



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Does texting make us bad at spelling?

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  1. Texting is obviously AMAZING, LOL!

    Nira Penelope - February 12, 2012