We went to Hope Primary, St Aloysius Catholic Primary and Westvale Primary schools in Knowsley, near Liverpool. The children we met had fun playing visual perception games, talking about wonder and imagination, and they drew pictures of themselves without looking. They covered their paper and hands with their jumpers, and the results were amazing. You could try this at home and in the classroom! Classroom & Gallery Resources Artist educator Antony Hall has created these resources that include the fantastic … Continue reading this article

We want to find out a little bit about you. Can you spot all of the Curious posts and answer them all? Where in the world are you from? Are you from a country that speaks English as its main language? Or does your country have lots of official or unofficial languages? Let us know in the poll and then tell us more in the comments!

We want to find out a little bit about you. Can you spot all of the Curious posts and answer them all? How old are you right now? Think about all of the videos you’ve watched and the games you’ve played here. What stage do you think your brain is at right now? Do you feel like you’ve made lots of new connections in your brain today?

What Alice travels through Wonderland, the other characters often ask her to remember things, like poems that she memorised at school. Riding your bike uses something called implicit memory. You don’t really know you’re thinking about it at all – you just do it! Memories like this are usually about how to do things. Explicit memory is a type of obvious memory – you know that you’re trying to remember something. They’re usually about knowing what you did or learned … Continue reading this article

In Alice in Wonderland, there are lots of crazy conversations, like the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and lots of poems that are full of words that are very strange to Alice. She hasn’t grown up in Wonderland, so she doesn’t understand its language! Learning different languages is hard because each language is composed of different kinds of sounds. For example, English-speaking people can tell the different sounds in English apart very easily, but they find it much harder to differentiate … Continue reading this article

In Wonderland, Alice keeps changing her size to do things. In a way, your brain is doing the same thing. You brain is actually changing its structure because of what you do and learn. You have 100 billion neurons in your brain. They are in charge of everything you do, feel and think. The neurons connect to each other, sending messages all the time, whether you’re awake or asleep. As you grow up, your brain puts in new connections between … Continue reading this article

In Wonderland, Alice is exploring a new country without a map – so it’s not surprising that she gets confused about where she is. In your brain, the spacial view neurons in your hippocampus are helping you to remember and tell the difference between places you’ve seen. Place neurons work to tell you where you are. They help you keep track of where you’ve been. These different neurons are some of the tools that your brain uses to help you … Continue reading this article