‘Hmmm. What’s this?’ __ __ .___ .__ .___ / \ / \____ ____ __| _/___________ _____ |__| ____ __| _/ \ \/\/ / _ \ / \ / __ |/ __ \_ __ \/ \| |/ \ / __ | \ ( <_> ) | \/ /_/ \ ___/| | \/ Y Y \ | | \/ /_/ | \__/\ / \____/|___| /\____ |\___ >__| |__|_| /__|___| /\____ | \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ Something funny happens in … Continue reading this article

Truisms, 1984 Jenny Holzer © Jenny Holzer In the late 1970s, Jenny Holzer devised nearly 300 slogans which play on commonly held truths and clichés. The Truisms are deliberately challenging, presenting a spectrum of often-contradictory opinions. Holzer hoped they would sharpen people’s awareness of the ‘usual baloney they are fed’ in daily life. Truisms, 1984 Jenny Holzer © Jenny Holzer When phrases like this are looked at on their own, there’s a kind of challenge to the viewer to figure … Continue reading this article

“It seems to fill my head with ideas only I don’t exactly know what they are!” Hey, I wonder if you’ve had that feeling that you were looking at something wonderful, strange, amazing – bizarre – but you didn’t really understand it? Well here in Tate’s galleries, that can happen. And Alice has that feeling from the moment she falls down the rabbit hole in Wonderland. And then again when she goes through the looking glass into a world where … Continue reading this article

Is there a difference? I personally don’t think so. Whilst we split these subjects out at school, in the wider world of work the arts and sciences come together. Like really close. Amazing new technologies and inventions solving age-old problems have come about purely through the ingenious minds of artists and scientists working together. In other words, those people who think creatively. Without creativity and creative people, there would be no art or science… I work on something called The … Continue reading this article

The Alice from Alice in Wonderland is actually based on a real girl, who lived in Oxford in the 19th century. Her name was Alice Liddell. Charles Dodgson (a.k.a Lewis Carroll) was friends with Alice and her family, and often visited the Liddell home to play games and take photographs. He also went on boat trips with the family, and it was during one of these that he first told the story of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. Alice loved the … Continue reading this article

Do you have a copy of Alice in Wonderland at home? I do. In fact, when I was little, I had my Mum’s copy, and my own, and another little volume of illustrated poems from the Alice books. I would read them and read them to myself, every night. I read one then the other, memorised all of the poems, and then went back and read them all again. Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll, with illlustrations by Tove Jansson I … Continue reading this article