The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


In the blink of an eye

By david o leary

The planet earth the pearl of the cosmos spins on its axis 4.5 billion years old. The father sun rises and sets his seeds of light impregnating her soil 92 million miles away. She grows strong, life surged across her surface blossoming in plant and animal. Her purpose accomplished she is content. She is of the select few of her kind who will succeed in this objective, more than this the creatures on her planet have excelled and they too have reached their objective: consciousness.

They call themselves human beings. Like herself they are unique only her conditions could have produced such organisms. They realized themselves less than 100 thousand years ago, a split second in her life time. They evolved from similar simpler creatures their minds grew and with it their potential. Their bodies too were well developed machines muscle bone sinew organ and blood. Sowing seeds replicating over and over changing, mutating, waiting millions of years for a mind to bend their strength to creation, they spread to the four cornered of her globe. As is the way they claimed domination of all her other creations. They devoured their life-force to give strength to their own. Life feeds of life. they multiplied.

Language, music, logic, intuition, mathematics, space, time, physical, spiritual. They found the power of creation. Anything they conceived as possibility could be willed into reality .thought made manifest. Energy absorbed processed put to work to invent new wonders that had never been realised. Atoms hummed to be part of these new masters of creation. They knew it would be another eon of stellar recycling before they would join their strength to ones so powerful. Atomic happiness energised the humans all the more their spirits enveloped them, bound them, anything they touched they affected.

And so they created, tools, homes, tools to tool more tools. They tilled her land and mined her rocks. Boats to cross the seas then ships for oceans, bridges, roads. Garments furniture pottery made a harsh life easier. They developed at an astonishing rate anything that was was advanced again and again honing the processes. Quickening the time and lessening the effort. Affording more thought for new ideas yet to be.

They thirsted for knowledge and they recorded the tale of their existence. They sought to replicate the world around them and they did, wondrous things of beauty. They knew joy, anger, hate, sadness. The highest of the highs and the depths of deepest despair, white, black, day, night, good and evil. They knew love. the one truth in their perplexing existence and they multiplied.

They created weapons. Factions warred and murdered each other over resources, ideals; they found differences where there was only one single consciousness. At first she lamented the folly of her children but this competition only spurned them inexorably forward. Driving them to succeed or die, their fears controlled their collective actions and motives. They mingled assimilating the best ideas of man .forgetting the outdated and obsolete. Forging new bonds of respect and kinship.

They strove to understand their place in infinity such concepts of time are inconsequential to her but to her creations it is of vital significance. They place their calendar according to time since the death of one of their gods. It has been 2058 years since this man’s death and they read it as so. They now number 10 billion individuals, each a mind, each a life, all sparks of consciousness with the possibility to shape their shared destiny.

She can perceive their world and it is truly magnificent. Besides her own beauty which they delight in they have created marvels in every sense. Their metropolises spawn outward and upwards their towers rise up scraping the clouds. Magnetic trains criss-cross her surfaces they plummet into the depths of the oceans, through mountains to span continents in only hours. They have harnessed her own cycles wind and sea force, geothermal energy and the suns light to power their generators. Their electric lights glisten across her body at night a proud reflection of her life giving essence. They have reached greats heights in understanding the fundamental laws. Atomic structure is broken; gravity is controlled, newly built sky cities testament to this. Flight mastered, transport vehicles zoom from city to sky city.

The building block of life is known d.n.a. they have control of their own genes thus their evolutionary future is in their own hands. Longer lifetimes, disease and imperfections erased before birth they hurtle towards a brave new world.

They create their own intelligence in the form of mechanical versions of themselves. They put these machines to work doing unwanted efforts. They create their own universes in their technology transporting their minds to new realms of their imagination and design.

Her companion the moon is already teeming with settler’s men and women with nothing to lose and everything to gain. On the moon they multiplied.

In the past they warred .now on earth at last peace reigns they are united under one flag one language one philosophy .their capital is known as London. The leaders of each continent gather there to discuss the future of the race. They know what must be done, mans mastery of the earth and moon has gone on for long enough. If they should hold this new alliance of one together her humans will need a new direction .a new mission. A new cycle to force their growth once again. To bring them to the new century stronger than the last. To flex their minds to dream of the uncreated. To let imaginations soar .to dream of the future now. To swim deep in the ocean of existence, time and space. The stars, they must reach the stars.

And she was pleased

2 Responses to “In the blink of an eye”
  1. Josh Henderson Says:

    ‘Controlling gravity’ and ‘10billion people’ are small concerns, if we could only dowse that elusive One Consciousness, yes.

    An impressive journey through a vast subject.

  2. Katya K Says:

    Nice to see a story of hopeful vision, possibility.