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museum within us

By Julia Elena Calderon Beltran

The museums are spaces created with bricks and cement. They have schedules and it is necessary to pay to enter and to be able to appreciate the works or art.
Although the museum-buildings still exist to keep the art-objects, now art-ideas exist in the museum-minds.
Artists create the work of art in the spectator’s mind and the only way that this work is known it is that the spectator shares it with another person.
Each person who walks on the streets is a museum-mind.
Thanks to the desire of knowing those works, now people are greeting each other in the streets, although they don’t know each other, and they start a dialogue that becomes the spacewhere the works of art are known, where each other gets to know each other by means of art.
Every piece of art is always changing and evolving because every time it is re-created in the dialogue, the speaker adds his own personal detail. Art is being created by everyone who is talking about it and as long as people continue talking about it will continue transforming.
Each one of us is an art-keeper.

It is no longer necessary to worry about the schedules to enter an artistic space and it is not necessary to worry about the money, each one carries art inside of oneself and to know new works of art it is enough to go out for a walk and to
find someone to greet.

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    well i completely agree with you on this