The Unilever Series: Dominique Gonzales Foerster - TH.2058


Entries for January 2009

The Memory Clinic
By Rob Long

In writing the date, he felt like part of the past. 29th December.  Whatever year is written next is a dead man walking. He typed it anyway, because he had to: 2058. It is already next year, Jack thought. You don’t need to bother us any more. He shut his diary down, nearly dropping it [...]
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By Jocose

Catherine stood a few feet away from the French windows, watching, absently, as the droplets of rain, raced down the glass, towards the swollen framework. She thought, what she always did at this point- So much for the window frames, that can cope withanythingmother nature, can throw at them! She glanced, automatically, at the edge of the [...]
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Resurrecting the Drowned
By Johann Carlisle

As she walked along the narrow bridge, her sodden hair hanging in wiry knots around her neck, she became aware with a faint irritation behind her eyes that a handful of consoles across the metropolis were already tuning into Medusa’s widecast channel. She blinked, trying to hold it down; a peak-time ratings spike could lead to [...]
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