Turner Online
Self Portrait, circa 1799
Self Portrait, circa 1799
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'Introduced today to the man who beyond all doubt is the greatest of the age.'
John Ruskin Praeterita, 1885-89

Turner Online is an introduction to the art of one of the most celebrated British artists: Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851).

Here you can find a brief Biography of the artist, and a Timeline which locates some of the most important dates in the artist's life alongside other significant political and cultural events. Talking Turner introduces aspects of the artist's changing reputation, from his own lifetime to the present day: it contains discussion of the man and his work by artists, critics, historians and others, from Ruskin to Matisse and Michael Palin to Cornelia Parker.

Turner's Gallery is a virtual reconstruction of the room in which Turner showed his own paintings, while Turner's Travels invites younger visitors to imagine themselves as Turner on one of his early trips around Britain. For Teachers there is a downloadable Teachers' Pack and six sheets with suggested activities focused around paintings by Turner.