Intermedia Art

New Media, Sound and Performance


MW2MW is a collaboration between Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg. Started in 1997, both artists work independently but come together on long term projects such as Apartment, Wonderwalker, Thinking Machine and Noplace.

Marek Walczak’s art bridges physical and virtual experience. Trained as an architect, his work includes Apartment, which was shown at the WhitneyMuseum and many venues worldwide. The first Dialog Table is installed at the WalkerArtCenter, a shared interface the table replaces a keyboard and mouse with gesture recognition technology. Current projects include physical installations that are responsive to user interaction, including a one block long facade at 7 World Trade Center that reacts to pedestrians walking beneath it.

Martin Wattenberg is a new media artist and computer scientist. He is the founding manager of IBM’s Visual Communication Lab, which researches new forms of visualization and how they can enable collective intelligence. Wattenberg's artwork uses data in the broadest sense - from musical scores to online photo collections - to fuel visual explorations of meaning. His work has been exhibited in venues such as the London Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the New York Museum of Modern Art. Wattenberg holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from U.C. Berkeley.


Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg present Noplace, enabling visitors to construct their own vision of Utopia by drawing image and audio data from the internet and compiling it into a movie