Intermedia Art

New Media, Sound and Performance

Susan Collins    

Susan Collins (b. 1964 London) is one of the UK's leading artists working with digital media. For the past decade the collision between the real and the artificial or virtual has been a key area of investigation. Collins works across public, gallery and online spaces. Works include In Conversation; Tate in Space (a bafta nominated Tate netart commission); Transporting Skies which transported sky (and other phenomena) live between Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance in Cornwall and Site Gallery Sheffield in Yorkshire; Fenlandia and Glenlandia - live year long pixel by pixel internet transmissions from remote landscapes, and The Spectrascope, an ongoing live pixel by pixel transmission from a haunted house.

Recently completed commissions include a wildlife surveillance system for Sarah Wigglesworth Architects’s RIBA award winning Classroom of the Future; Underglow, a network of illuminated drains for the Corporation of London for Light Up Queen Street and Chaser, a lighting commission for GLOW ‘07 Newcastle.

Recent exhibitions have included Outlook Express(ed) at Oakville Galleries, Ontario, Canada; Digital Aesthetic 2, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston; Webscape, Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum, Søro, Denmark 2007; Video Vortex at Montevideo/The Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam and Multiplicities at ARC Projects, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Susan Collins is Reader in Fine Art, Head of Undergraduate Fine Art Media and has been Head of the Slade Centre for Electronic Media (SCEMFA) at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London since 1995. She completed a PhD on The role of the viewer in the realisation of In Conversation and other works in 2001.

Tate in Space

Net Art commission by Susan Collins, touching on matters to do with access, social inclusion, interpretation and the search for intellectual and moral authenticity.