Intermedia Art

New Media, Sound and Performance

Golan Levin    

Golan Levin is an artist, engineer and composer interested in developing artifacts and events which explore supple new modes of interactive expression. His work focuses on the design of systems for the creation, manipulation and performance of simultaneous image and sound, as part of a more general inquiry into non-verbal communications protocols in cybernetic systems. He is known for the conception and creation of Dialtones (2001), a concert whose sounds are wholly performed through the carefully choreographed dialing and ringing of the audience's own mobile phones, and for The Secret Lives of Numbers (2002), an interactive online data visualization featured in the 2004 Whitney Biennial. Levin is Assistant Professor of Electronic Art at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

AV Performances

On his project for Tate, Levin collaborated with Kamal Nigam and Jonathan Feinberg.

The Dumpster

Golan Levin with Kamal Nigam and Jonathan Feinberg, plot the romantic lives of teenagers, through a dynamic visualisation that draws its data from live Blog entries - an example of social portraiture, documentary and database art.