Intermedia Art

New Media, Sound and Performance

Natalie Bookchin & Jacqueline Stevens   

Natalie Bookchin  is an artist based in Los Angeles. She is internationally recognized for both theorizing the space of the Internet as a site for art production, and for creating  pioneering art work that used the Internet as both material and site. Her most recent work includes videos and video installations that sample and archive data flows of images from private security webcams, providing unusual portraits of global landscapes.

Her work has been shown widely in international venues including PS1, Mass MOCA, the Generali Foundation, the WalkerArtCenter, and MOCA Los Angeles. She has been commissioned to make projects for the WhitneyMuseum, the TateMuseum, the WalkerArtCenter, and Creative Time, among other venues.

Biography source 2008

Jacqueline Stevens is Associate Professor at the Game, Culture, and Technology Lab, University of California at Irvine. She  writes about how laws create hereditary membership groups that seem to be natural. Her focus is on the role law plays in constituting the nation, ethnicity, race, family, kinship, and sexuality. These groups inspire passionate attachments causing systemic violence and inequality, seen especially in crises of war, restrictions of movement among states, inheritance, marriage, and private ownership of land. Stevens also writes about the role of government research in constituting taxonomies of race and ethnicity through the research done on the Human Genome Project.

Biography source 2008

La foundation Daniel Langlois: Information on Natalie Bookchin


Net Art commission by Natalie Bookchin & Jacqueline Stevens. An online community focused on designing a multi-player game. 'Make the game, change the world'