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Curing The Vampire: Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn   

Lynn Hershman Leeson

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Lynn Hershman Leeson plays the part of Gene Ware, a character from the virtual world of Second Life, who, in conjunction with Tilda Swinton undertakes a series of interviews with leading thinkers and innovators. Subverting the distinction between real and simulated, the interviews explore interwoven themes of revolution, empowerment and technology.

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, who is credited with having identified “the aging gene” or Telomeres in our DNA, discusses how this information shifts our understanding of who we are as humans, how in fact we are ourselves a genetic remix; and how advances in macro photographic processes have aided that revelation.

Curing the Vampire

Lynn Hershman Leeson and Tilda Swinton interview Gilberto Gil, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Larry Lessig and Elena Poniatowska on revolution, empowerment and technology