Work in Progress

Here at The Great British Art Debate, we have been quietly working away on a new top secret project. We are only now, allowed to share the first details with you.

Born out of a desire to share a collection of works from each of the partner galleries, we are creating a new App for iPhone that uses Augmented Reality technology and a sprinkling of the finest artworks to create digital magic.

The idea is to allow YOU to run away with artworks from the combined collection in your pocket, take them into the big wild world and start your own adventure.


So as you are out and about, keep a look out for some of these common signs, they may well be springing to life very soon.









Make sure that you are one of the first to decipher the mystery this summer. Watch this space for further details…

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Amy Jackson-Bruce is the new Online Co-Ordinator for The Great British Art Debate.

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