Watercolour at Camp Bestival: Your Comment Winners!

Well festival season is over and our heads have stopped spinning (just about), so now it’s time to announce the winners of the Watercolour comment competition that we ran at Camp Bestival.

Visitors to our tent were invited to write their thoughts on the 12 Watercolour works which we had on show in our tent, and assistant curator Anna Austen and I have selected our favourites, who will each win Watercolour tickets and a catalogue.

Here are the five winners’ comments. Do you agree with them? We’ll be contacting the winners this week, congratulations to all!

“Neal Tait’s Country Booby was most interesting to me. The majority of the image is taken up by this ugly tangle of a person who’s ripping up a tree. I think it represents our increasingly materialistic society in the western world and the effects it is having on our earth.”
-    Emily, 19

“Leaves, lakes, bombs, Blake,
Watercolour thick and thin
Buttock, balls, abstract halls
Tate has this all within.”
-    Judy

“Juxtaposition of immediate danger, suspended in the second before disaster, and nature’s devastatingly innocent curiosity. A haunting warning.”
-    Imogen, 16 (on Summer in the Crimea)

“I wanted to reach out and touch John Ruskin’s Withered Oak Leaf. ‘Tis the friendliest looking leaf I have ever seen.”
-    Romilly, 16

“Watercolour is not the right word to describe this group of artworks – it is not amazing enough a description – it leaves out the ‘how’. How can water and colour create such a variety of textures, detail, light and finished beauty.”
-    Pauline

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