The Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre’s Trip to Tate Britain

“Somebody has given something that they used in the olden days but given new thought to it.”

The kids from the Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre came to visit Tate Britain and spent some time thinking about the art in relation to the Great British Art Debate question: Does the art of the past say anything about the world of today?

They recorded their responses and made this video about Harrier and Jaguar, the Duveens Commission that was installed at the time, featuring two decommissioned jet planes:

Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre’s Trip to the Tate Britain from charlie henry on Vimeo.

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Hannah Flynn is E-Learning Assistant for Tate and Co-Ordinator for the Great British Art Debate online. Her favourite British artist is John Martin.


  1. The self-expression of these young people was both disarming and impressive and I’m looking forward to hearing more… Well done Charlie!

  2. I really liked the kids’ responses to Harrier and Jaguar – especially the way they began to construct stories on how the planes ended up in the gallery, with the ‘driver jumping out.’ Shows me that narratives can be starting point for getting children and young people engaging, discussing and learning about art.