Inside Installations: Mapping the Studio II

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We should like to thank Carlos Garaicoa and his studio manager Lillebit Fadraga for their help and support in this project.


  • Tina Weidner, Primary case study researcher and assistant Time-based Media Conservator
  • Pip Laurenson, Head of Time-based Media Conservation


  • Neil Wressel, Sculpture Conservator
  • Sasa Kosinova, Freelance Sculpture Conservator
  • Melanie Rolfe, Sculpture Conservator
  • Tina Weidner, Assistant Time-based Media Conservator

Conservation technician

  • Karl Bush, Conservation Technician

Conservation scientists

  • Bronwyn Ormsby, Conservation Scientist
  • Tom Learner, Senior Conservation Scientist

Electrical work

  • Sue Shepherd, Neon Circus


  • Tanya Barson, Exhibitions & Collections Curator, Tate Liverpool

Website development

  • Joseph Hughes, Freelance Developer
  • Susan Poupard, Web Editor

Online Project Management

  • Katie Dance, e-Collection Curator

Thanks to Martin Cooper from the Department for Conservation Technologies at the National Conservation Centre in Liverpool and Angela Geary from the Research Unit at the University of the Arts, London for the scanning of the figures.