Fabric of Memory, Lee Mingwei, 2006

Ballet banner made by My mum, 1990

Submitted by Julie McDermott, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Memories and Associations
My mum gave me this banner as a Christmas present when I was eight years old. I hung it on the brown plastic hook on my bedroom door and showed it off to my new friends when they came over to play. I remember my mum saying that it had taken her ages to make and the pink tutu and the French knots on the flowers were the hardest parts to do.

I remember giggling because it looked like the ballerina didn’t have any knickers on under the tutu, but my mum told me to stop being silly and said that she had pink ballet tights on so you wouldn’t be able to see her knickers.
Making and Giving
I started needlework after we moved house in 1983 and this is one of the first pieces I made. My daughter Julie started dancing at the age of three and loved going every week, so I made this banner for her just after we moved house, to encourage her to continue at a new dancing school. She is still dancing today at the age of 31!

I also made one for my other daughter Nicola that Christmas, she was really into music so her banner had a piano embroidered on it.
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