Fabric of Memory, Lee Mingwei, 2006

Blanket made by my Nanan, 1980

Submitted by Irraeli Doel, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Memories and Associations
My Nanan, Brenda Doel, made this blanket. She knitted squares from oddments of wool left over from other knitting shed done. It took her over a year to knit the squares in between other knitting and crocheting she always had several items on the go at the same time.

My Nanan taught me to knit when I was three. She made the blanket when I was about nine and while she was doing it, she taught me to knit different types of squares. It took her several weeks to sew all the squares together and she let me help her sew some of them.

She made it for the double bed in my bedroom at her house, and I slept with it when I stayed there. I was seventeen when she died and I inherited her knitting needles and wool. Every time I knit, I remember her. When my Grandad died last year, I inherited the blanket. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of my Nanan and also my Grandad. Its part of the time I spent with them, the things they taught me and the house they lived in.
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