Fabric of Memory, Lee Mingwei, 2006

White rabbit made by Auntie Julia, 2006

Submitted by Darren, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Memories and Associations
White rabbit doesn’t have a proper name. He was made by Auntie Julia as a gift to my son Benedict when he was born. I bet he was nicely gift-wrapped. Julia is great at making things - she’s very creative and pragmatic. I remember white rabbit having a stripy scarf, but we took it off because we thought it might be a choking hazard. He’s one of the pile of teddies that lives at the bottom of Benedict’s bed. He’s not the ‘chosen’ teddy that gets to sleep in Ben’s arms every night; that honour goes to Pippo the monkey. My chosen teddy, when I was little, was a grey rabbit. I remember, when I was maybe 6 years old, throwing him out of an upstairs window onto the carport roof. I remember, some time later, looking down at grey rabbit from the window. It was raining and I wanted him back. He was soaking wet. He looked really sad and drowned. To this day I regret throwing him out of the window.
Making and Giving
White rabbit was born from wool, which I got from a shop in Blackburn. I made him during the hot June before my nephew Benedict arrived. I remember looking at lots of knitting patterns for a toy that was small and simple enough for a baby to hold it its hands, with ears good for sucking. I knitted rabbit in the evenings after work, sitting in my back garden looking out over the valley. I brought him with me when we first went to see Ben. He was about three weeks old and still crumpled and fragile looking. We all went to Sefton Park, white rabbit in the bottom of the pram.
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