Welcome to an interactive multimedia exploration of Cornelia Parker's Cold, Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991). This installation was displayed in the Still Life/Object/Real Life suite at Tate Modern.

This is the second in a new series for Tate Online focusing on the work of a contemporary artist in the Tate Collection. The first project was Damien Hirst's Pharmacy which launched in November 2001.

The project has been developed by Tessa Meijer, Imaging Co-ordinator for the Tate InSight project as part of her MA course in Digital Art History at Birkbeck College. It is very visual and has been designed to offer the visitor the opportunity to find their own way round the project. It is intended to provoke serendipitous discoveries with many links throughout taking you from one area to another.

Use the menu bar at the top as well as the links within the pages to navigate around this powerful work.

The way the sculpture was made is a significant part of its meaning as an artwork. By focussing on the process of production, this study aims to uncover the many layers of meaning the work contains.

There are some links embedded in the image on the right. Move your mouse over the image to explore them.

We are very grateful to Birkbeck College for supporting this work and we are delighted to be able to showcase this multimedia project. Our thanks go to the artist for her full collaboration and to all the contributors: Bruce Ferguson, Corin Fogarty, Hugo Glendinning, Major Doug Hewitt, Professor Colin Renfrew, Michaela Ross, Jonathan Watkins and Edward Woodman.

Many different photographs of Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View are used in this project from full views to details, including installation shots. Unless otherwise indicated all photographs have been taken by Tate staff and are copyright of the artist.


Thirty Pieces of Silver
Floor Shadows

Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View 1991
Mixed media.
Tate. Presented by the Patrons of New Art (Special Purchase Fund) through the Tate Gallery Foundation 1995

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