“When 2012 arrives, we could possibly have flying cars… But probably not. We could be skating around the rings of Saturn. But it's unlikely. The edge of the Milky Way might be no more remote than the bottom of the Marianas Trench. But then again, it might. But to stage the Olympics… to respect our neighbours' endeavours and labours and celebrate our own. To hurdle over Tower Bridge, to show jump over Buckingham Place, to watch a gymnast throw the London Eye Millennium Wheel up into the air, jump with perfect poise and catch it mid flight.
Ah, London 2012!”

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Malorie Blackman



(b. London, England 1962)
Malorie Blackman is one of the first generation of British born Black writers. Hailed as a "modern, PC and livelier Blyton", Malorie has written over 50 books including Noughts & Crosses, which won numerous awards including the 2002 Children's Book Award and the Fantastic Fiction Award. A graduate of the National Film and Television School, Malorie divides her time between book and script writing.