About this project

40 Artists, 40 Days is a special project in support of London’s Olympic and Paralympic Bid to bring the Games to Britain in 2012.

On Friday 27 May 2005, we began a 40 day cultural countdown to 5 July, the day the International Olympic Committee will choose a city to host the Games of the XXX Olympiad. We believe that city should be London, and in the crucial final phase we want to send out a clear message that Britain’s Olympic Bid is about so much more than a month-long sporting event in the summer of 2012.

It is about transformation – the transformation of one entire quarter of our capital city with bold and beautiful sporting venues designed by world-class architects like Zaha Hadid, the creation of innovative new gallery spaces, affordable housing and the largest urban park to be developed in Europe for 150 years. It is about opportunity – an opportunity to showcase a 21st century Britain to the world, rich in 300 cultures and languages and in the enthusiasm, idealism and talent of our youth. And it is about the Arts – celebrating Britain’s great creative energy in a four-year cultural Olympiad that will benefit all kinds of artistic organisations and individuals through increased national and international partnerships and profile.

In the final 40 days of the campaign we want to raise awareness of this wider Olympic opportunity, and encourage support for London 2012, by creating a unique countdown calendar that will focus attention on Britain’s exceptional creative talent. We have asked 40 leading artists to provide a work, either original video, music, text, performance or visual art, which will be showcased here on Tate Online as a message of Olympic support, with a new piece being added every day until you can enjoy all 40.

The Olympics is a truly visionary movement, and in as much as we in the creative community are all about vision, we believe that we should back it.

The project is a collaboration between the London 2012 Olympic Bid team, Premier Partner and Tate Online’s sponsor, BT and ourselves, Tate.

We hope you enjoy this unique initiative and decide to give us your support.